Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Crazy Cat Lady

Its almost Valentine’s Day, and that can be tough for some people.

But honestly, who loves you more than your cat? So instead of worrying about how on earth you are going to handle that day, think about how you can make your cat feel even more entitled than he already is.

I’m one of a subgroup of people who will eventually fall into their destiny of becoming The Crazy Cat Lady. I will have a house full of strays, and name them things like General Fuzzy Mittens and Miss Kissy Whiskers.
It has not happened yet, due to the two people I live with failing to support me in my unyielding fate; however I am sure one day I will get there. Until then, here are some Valentine’s Day gifts I can add to my future Crazy Cat Lady shopping list.

A book of poems “written” by cats about their humans? Filled with pictures of the kitty authors doing human things? Yes. Sold.

I pick up so much cat hair during the day; it only makes sense to make some finger puppets out of it.
Of course your cat needs their own yoga matt, and on Etsy you can buy one. Because you know they require an appropriate place to practice their favorite yoga pose; Kitty Licks Own Butt.

You’ll need to use this twice, once after the first time you clean the litter, and then again when your cat comes in immediately after to do (as my daughter would say) “a fresh litter doodie” .

Because your cat doesn’t look cool when he’s scratching a post. Okay? He is DJ Scratchy Pawz.
So, change it up this year. Get an awesome gift for the cat, and embrace your inner Crazy Cat Person. The cat won't even appreciate it, he will just expect it. But its still a way better idea than roses and chocolate.
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  1. What a fun list! Thanks so much for mentioning our Feline Yoga Cat Mat. We also love all the other kitty gifts mentioned as well!
    Meow and Namaste!
    Pippy the Feline Yogi and her human Paige
    Visit us over at for more kitty fun!