Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get Your Floppy Newborn in a Rose off Facebook, Please.

What is up with these photos of newborns all crumpled up and sleeping in a flower? Do you know what I’m referring to? It’s those photos, where brand new babies are photographed in a flower.

They are naked. The picture is always in “sepia”. The edges are all airbrushed. They are all over Facebook.

Listen. I don’t want to see your crumpled up newborn, flopped over and sleeping in a rosebud. Or a bed of pansies, or daisies or whatever you think is effervescent and metaphorical of the new innocent life experience you are witnessing when you look at them.

These pictures make me nervous. I was told that babies needed head support and to be kept warm. No one ever said it was okay to get them naked and prop them up in an Easter basket so that you had that perfect photo for your scrapbook collection.

Not safe.

It was one thing when these pictures just appeared in coffee table books, but now I have to see them every time I look at the newsfeed in my Facebook? Seriously?

Why are they always wearing huge headpieces, of a flower? Why are they in odd places, ones where you’d normally get a visit from CPS if you kept your baby there. Like a bed of yarn. Or a wicker laundry basket. Or in a burlap sack. Or the top of a freakin’ bed of roses.
Freaking me out.

I don’t know. Having said all that, newborns propped up next to cats are okay.
Bre and Rowy.
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  1. Ha! We never did photos like that with our son, now 2 years old. I think they're sort of obnoxious, and I's rather take my own candid photos and um- save a boat load of money, and keep my baby safe.

  2. Isn't Annie Liebowitz the one that started that craze with the books and the calendars and all of that? Those babies are all probably in college right now.

    While it is a little creepy and definitely unsafe, I want to know how in the heck they get them to stay still and quiet. My kids would have been FREAKING OUT!! That is the bigger (and maybe even scarier) question. LOL


    1. Penny! YES! How do they get them so quiet? Hmmmm...