Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just Sayin’… The Bachelor Looks Like that Show, Sister Wives

Watching The Bachelor on ABC has really made me wonder if I’m actually watching a better version of the TLC show, Sister Wives. He seems to really love all of them constantly, all the girls really get along well, and they talk about him all the time.
I’m pretty sure that isn’t their intention, since all they ever blab on and on about is love and one love and true love and being in love and metaphors about love. How love is like a rock climbing, parasailing, scuba diving, cooking, running, helicopter rides, picnicking, hot-tubbing, sneezing, peeing, etc.
However this week, when I saw the previews for the “hometown” dates, I got confused. Why does the bachelor always have to ask each of the dads for his “blessing”? Did anyone (besides a polygamist) really have 4 girls that they wanted to marry at the same time?
After I was confused, I got angry. Who the hell are you, Sean, to go and ask some poor dad for his blessing when you are dating THREE OTHER WOMEN!
How come the crazy “villan” girl always has the most valid points? Valid points if you are shooting for a monogamist relationship anyway. They really paint her out to be cray cray, when all she is saying that she hates all the other women who are dating her boyfriend. Shouldn’t you hate other women who are dating your boyfriend? That sounds like an okay feeling.
Then they always pan the camera back to the women, who are in their pajamas, eating, bitching about the girl with the valid points, no make-up, hair all floppy. They look exactly like I do when I am watching the Bachelor. I think that hanging out with each other looks like fun, maybe even more fun than hanging out with Sean.
I want to ask Sean if he’s even seen that show, Sister Wives. They seem to make it work.
Just sayin’.
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